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We are one of CANADA'S LARGEST ON-LINE COIN DEALERS with about 2000 Canadian Decimals and 500 Colonial Tokens listed . Our 7 day no questions asked refund policy takes the risk out of buying.

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Residents of the Ottawa area can contact us to book an appointment to view our inventory or to bring us your Canadian or US coins for a quotation. I typically meet with clients Monday through Saturday 11 to 4.

For a quote on your coins or tokens, please contact me at dmcleanottawa@yahoo.com
or call 613-983-6521.

Hundreds of New USA and World Listings
Please check out the many new Ottawacoinman listings over the next few weeks which already include US Silver coins,Spanish Pieces of 8 and Napoleonic silver and gold.
Straits Settlement Pieces added Jan 31, 2017.
USA and Great Britain Gold coins added Feb 2, 2017.
Austria added Feb 9, 2017

Check out our current listings here and note our impecable rating based on thousands of transactions with buyers like
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New Stock
Many of these new items may sell before they are ever listed on my site. Best to
email ASAP me about any new items you have interest in.

1870 50c No LCW EF45 ICCS Only 2 better examples recorded by ICCS $11,500 SOLD

1821 Great Britain Sovereign PCGS AU58 Trends $4300 Price $3000

$2 and $5 Cdn Osborne-Towers PCGS VF25

A collection of Civil War era US currency.
eg $5 Confederate States of America, Richmond Apr 6 1863 VG

Many US silver dollars including Carson City [CC] examples, a 1928 Peace $ ICCS VF30, etc

The Ottawacoinman now stocks WORLD COINS including gold, hundreds of silver and
thousands of others you can sift through. Too many to list in our inventory!

SPECIAL 8 Reales or Pirate "Pieces of Eight" Mexican mint mark. 1790 to 1806 from $50

Napoleon Emporeur
40 Francs Gold
20 Francs Gold
5 Francs Silver

Dominium of Canada
1897 $2 F DC14b
1911 $1 VF DC18a
1914 $2 VF PCGS DC22ai
1914 $2 aVF DC22e

Prices subject to appropriate taxes on purchases in Canada. These are added on automatically when you checkout using PayPal. If you are paying by check, MO, etc. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO OBTAIN THE CORRECT TOTAL!! We try to keep prices accurate and up to date. However, as CCN trend and silver prices change, so will my asking price.

Silver Prices Subject to Spot Market
Prices changes on common silver coins may not be up to date due to rapidly changing silver spot markets. Each rise alteration means hundreds of my list prices change which takes many hours of correction. As such, common silver coins will be marked up modestly over bulk prices and will continue to be based on Canadian Coin News Trends AND silver prices.

Typographical errors also occur so I reserve the right to vary quoted prices accordingly. Deduct 3% from listed prices for payment by check, MO, cash or e-mail transfer!

PRICES ARE 3% OFF if you pay by any other method than PayPal. I'd rather see the money in your pockets!