About The Ottawa Coin Man

Like most of you, my love of the hobby dates to childhood when I carefully saved the dollars and cents [after carefully checking all the dates] from my paper route and fantasized about what coins I might buy. Every Saturday in the early 1960’s, I would be taken to the big city, Guelph, where I suffered the pain of violin lessons for the privilege of visiting the coin store. The owner, Michael Woronka, would suffer my gazing through the display cases or books for hours before finally announcing my small purchases.

My collection was however set aside for the more pressing endeavors and expenses of  high school and university. Thank God my coins were not thrown out by my mother along with my hockey cards. When it came time to buy that ring and enter the years of responsibility, it was still a bit painful to trade in 35 of my common silver dollars which were selling for $30 each! “Thank you Bunker Hunt”

As of January 2016, I retired after 35 fulfilling years as a child forensic psychiatrist. Prior to that, I had begun looking for ways to spend those wonderful hours of freedom and the “call of the coin” returned with a new intensity. After playing around on eBay with some good and some not so good experiences, the concept of a website “by a collector for collectors” arose. On May 5, 2005, I launched my simple but serviceable first website. Unfortunately, those cyber bad guys hacked my website in the spring of 2017 followed by all my data being erased at my server’s level by the “Ransomeware Virus”. Accordingly, I had a new website built to open in August 2017 which will hopefully provide collectors with the site I always wished for. A website with a wide selection of Canadian decimals, currency, colonials, world coins and one of the largest selections of my personal passion, pre-confederation tokens. My everyday prices are the best around with most items 25 to 30% off.

This website is simply about sharing my passion for the hobby with others. I like to know a bit about each of my customers so please take the time to introduce yourself. If you live in Ottawa or get here on occasion, I’d love to meet you and show you my inventory “in hand”. I hope you enjoy browsing around the site and save yourself a few bucks in the process.

Good Collecting,
David McLean