Ottawa Coinman launches a new Website

OttawaCoinMan Announcements

I am thrilled to finally have my new website up and running and couldn’t be happier with the new look. I welcome your feedback and suggestions as to any improvements.Many thanks to Craig and the staff at kbmedia for their efforts in working patiently with a hi-tech moron. I beg your patience I still have much data to add or update. This includes world coins, maritime coins, mint coins, gold coins etc. I will also be adding photos for a number of the listings.

As you may be aware, my previous website was taken down 3 months ago by the “ransomeware virus”. I lost all my data at the time [? over 2,000 listings] and was informed that I’d need to start from scratch in relisting my stock. Special thanks to my son Scott [I guess paying for his university was worthwhile after all] who retrieved a lot of the data from the Google search cache.

I hope you enjoy searching through my inventory but, better still, arrange to meet with me at my home office and study pieces of interest in hand. I’m always happy
to talk coins and share my passion for numismatics.

Good collecting, Dave McLean